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Data Maturity Map

How “mature” is your organization when it comes to management and use of data?

The MMA partnered with EY and developed an assessment to assess the maturity of consumer data in organizations.

Our survey covered more than 20 variables of data maturity that represent some of the most important decision areas for marketers when it comes to formulate their data strategies.


Our report will allows you to evaluate your company against five dimensions of consumer data maturity:


The MMA MENA partnered with SAS to survey senior MENA marketing leaders across major industries to assess the maturity of consumer data in organizations.

Our study will not only examine, but will also propose solutions to the gaps that organizations face.

The MMA Data Maturity tool will enable you to:
•   Learn about the key elements of a company’s data maturity
•   Identify bespoke actionable insight to transform your data strategy.

•   How to address your Data, Customer Analytics and Organizational gaps with SAS Products 

To take the test and learn how mature your company is in its use of data, click the link to begin. The survey consists of 20 key questions and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

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