Winning Offline Dining Moments with Mobile

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Winning Offline Dining Moments with Mobile


Background Information:


From hotcakes and hash browns, to wraps and Egg McMuffins, some may suggest that the McDonald's breakfast menu is as iconic as the brand itself. Having helped diners across the globe reimagine how they start their day, McDonald's was all set to introduce 3 wrap bundles across the bustling city of Jeddah. The bundles featured an eggs and hash brown wrap, an eggs and sausage wrap and a chicken wrap.




  1. Raise awareness of the launch of these bundles among the city's residents through the use of an innovative marketing campaign.




Mobile played a central role in the campaign. The programmatic campaign made the use of eye catching interstitial ads to introduce bundles to users across the vibrant city of Jeddah. As users clicked through the ad they were redirected to the closest McDonald's store in their neighbourhood.


That's not all the brand made the use of an enhanced targeting strategy, which helped reach the right customer at the right place and time. The brand pursued millennials on their favourite apps including utility, social, gaming and entertainment apps during 6 AM - 10 AM on weekdays and 6 AM - 11 AM on weekends.


What truly set the campaign apart was the adoption of a Custom Attribution Model. The model leveraged polygon location targeting, avoiding unnecessary spillage, reaching only the most relevant audiences. Additionally, the model made use of revolutionary footfall attribution technology which mapped the GPS coordinates of users to the polygon, allowing the brand to accurately identify diners who visited the store after viewing the ad.




  • McDonald’s observed a 23% increase in store visits when compared to a control group, delivering a cost of only 70 cents per visit— smashing set benchmarks by 21x.

  • As it relates to the breakfast products being offered, the brand also witnessed a 30% increase in unit per thousand transactions.

  • A halo effect was observed, leading to a 3% sales increment in core products and 4% increase in overall sales performance.

  • The attribution technology gave the brand unique consumer insights including when users were more likely to visit McDonald’s after having viewed the ad.