Sunsilk Aurora Interactive Video Campaign

Sunsilk | AdColony MENA | PHD

Sunsilk Aurora Interactive Video Campaign




  1. Demonstrating that great hair is only a colourful bottle away and capturing users by involving them in bringing the new packaging to full colour. 




Sunsilk wowed users curiosity with vivid and impactful visuals. So, they wanted to emphasize the colors through an interactive video experience. Aurora™ HD Video delivers interactive video ad experiences that impress users. Sunsilk gave users a chance to take part at the video by simply touching the screen.

When users touched and held the screen, they watched the video with its vibrant colors. If the users finger left the screen the colours on screen would fade away. This drove users to tap the screen to see the video change and ensured that user attention was focused on the screen.

Users watched the video with %100 viewability metrics. With the interactive video technologies, users were able to engage with the ad while the video played. During the video users could touch the screen to see the color shift. When users touched the screen they watched the ad with the vibrant colors as Sunsilk promises. When they took their fingers off the screen the colors turned back to normal. So, users engaged with the ad while the video was playing. Right after the video, users were exposed to AdColony’s trademark Dynamic End Card in which they could learn more about the product and the new packaging.




  • 90% of users engaged with the ad more than once. 

  • As a result the campaign delivered over 7 million engagements, with an overall engagement rate of 349%. 

  • The Sunsilk interactive video delivered an average attention score of 86.2% across the key Gulf markets. 

  • The outcome of this execution delivered a 31% Ad Recall uplift, 15% brand recall uplift and 5% purchase intent uplift on a study run by Nielsen.