Scoring the Perfect Goal with Mobile

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Scoring the Perfect Goal With Mobile


Background Information:


As the number one deodorant brand across the world, Rexona knew that their customers did not merely watch Football, they lived Football. With products designed intelligently to work as hard as their consumers did, Rexona chose to launch an all-new line of deodorants to mark the occasion of the Football World Cup.


The Rexona Motionsense Champion line had a special bottle modeled after some of the most popular teams competing this year. 




  1. Help consumers lean into the football frenzy




As the brand contemplated how it could raise awareness for the launch of the brand new line of deodorants which were themed around football teams, it considered the behavior of die-hard fans of football. One of the most fun elements of watching a football match is cheering for your favorite team, be it through applauding, chanting or screaming to show your support. In order to help further the unique fan experience, Rexona created a catchy football anthem which captured the emotions of die-hard football fans. That's not all the brand created two versions of the anthem, one in Arabic and the other in English catering to unique requirements of the audiences based in the Middle East.


The anthems, which were based on the alphabet, were launched on YouTube to much fanfare, raking in millions of views across videos. The brand knew in order to help to take their campaign further, they would have to break away from the clutter and make impactful noise. Rexona chose to launch an interactive yet dynamic campaign on mobile which would help drive maximum impact. After all, which medium would help a brand reach the right user at the right place and at the right time.


The primary goal of both the marketing campaign and the product launch was simple: To give fans the best football experience. Rexona quickly understood that some of the funnest moment fans had while watching matches was when they cheered, chanted and screamed for their favorite teams.


The brand chose to launch a mobile-first campaign which celebrated these moments, by creating two unique user experiences. 


The first ad ran where users were asked to support their team by shaking their phones and cheering into the mic. The cheer was measured by capturing input from both motion and audio sensors of a smartphone.


The second mobile ad which ran after games featured an interactive poll encouraging users to share which team they were supporting. Depending on how they voted and the results of the match, users were shown a relevant clip from the football anthem video.


Both ads were dynamically served, depending on the time of the day, and which teams were playing on each day. What set this campaign apart was the unique combination of creative ad formats including interactive polls and a fantastic anthem which was available across media. 




  • The YouTube video series recorded an astounding 6 million views. 

  • The smartphone campaign reached more than 2 million unique users in a matter of 19 days! 

  • The average dwell time for these campaigns was a record-breaking 45 seconds with a maximum dwell time of 49.17 seconds!

  • Rexona witnessed a 65% growth in brand awareness. 

  • The Rexona World Cup ad campaign increased the likelihood amongst the consumers to try the Limited Edition Rexona Faberge by 15% to a 41% share.