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Qahwet El Taleb El Masry


Background Information:


Egypt is known to be a dynamic market with a population reaching up to 97 million while 52% are under the age of 24 years. University students are very ambitious, living a fast paced life and always on the go juggling many tasks at the same time from attending their classes, completing their studies to still trying to catch up with their friends and families. 85% of their target spend most of their free time browsing the internet, whereas 95% of them surf on social media followed by watching videos with 75% and listening to music with 63%. Since Nescafe 3in1 (sachets) is all about the convenience and ease of use, it was the perfect choice for such a target who is out and about.




1- Recruit new consumers and increase trial to accommodate a drop of 40% in volume due to the devaluation of the currency.

2. Ensure that the brand’s message becomes TOM in a cluttered media scene. Reaching at least 60% of their target audience with a frequency of at least 2 per week. 

3. Nescafe 3in1 to become the iconic love brand that students relate to during their aspirational moments (studying and spending time with family and friends), by at least 1 point.




Anghami, being the top music streaming platform in Egypt and the region – was Nescafe’s partner of choice. To link offline with online – Nescafe released 48 different Nescafe 3in1 sachets for each university major. Users were asked to scan their Nescafe 3in1 sachet, using Anghami’s camera to unlock a personalized studying playlist made by Anghami based on each user’s music DNA. All generated playlists were fully Nescafe 3in1 branded. To own the studying experience on Anghami and offer users an extended experience – Nescafe sponsored the “Focus” Tab to create the affinity of the studying occasion/moment with the brand hence making Nescafe 3in1 the official beverage brand of the Egyptian students.


Another pillar of the campaign was developing specific university anthems tailored to every college degree. Nescafe created the different anthems catered to medicine, commerce and art major students. The anthems were created to strengthen the relationship between students and their field of study, so they would be proud of who they want to become. These anthems were produced in a video format that were promoted the major social and video platforms in the country: Facebook and YouTube. The Nescafe 3in1 Anthems were also hosted on Anghami, Nescafe’s main campaign pillar to make them easily accessible to the users. 

A scan to unlock feature was developed through Anghami’s camera feature. Users were enticed to engage directly with the Nescafe sachet while studying through a new feature on Anghami that allows them to scan a sachet and unlock a personalized studying playlist based on the users’ music DNA; students then were redirected to a submit page and entered the draw for a chance to win 1 month of Anghami Plus!

To further boost engagement the Focus Tab was sponsored on Anghami offering users a wide range of playlists that would help them study better. Major-focused videos were also created to encourage students to get their personalized sachets and scan them.


  • The campaign led to a significant increase in sales, a number that is considered a major milestone​ ​in a country where tea is the top 1 drink and a massive number of users were rewarded with a free Anghami Plus for a month.


  • By utilizing Anghami, research has shown that Nescafe improved to be the brand with ads that speak to them from – 3 to 1, improving by 4 points.  


  • Nescafe improved the attribute of becoming the brand that sponsors activities that are of interest to them by 3 points vs. 0 points.


  • By end of campaign Nescafe have managed to reach a stunning 36 points increase in brand lift on FB compared to 8 points as the industry benchmark & 14 points increases in association compared to 4-5 points industry benchmark.