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In September 2016, the MMA launched our Marketing Attribution Think Tank, or MATT, with a board-directed priority focused on Multi-Touch Attribution, (MTA). The mission of MATT is: To identify best-in-class solution(s) for multi-touch-attribution, giving marketers the opportunity to select and apply MTA solutions with confidence.

The MMA has published the following guides to support marketers’ success with MTA including:

  1. MTA Comprehensive Decision Guide & MTA Landscape Report

  2. MTA Benchmark Surveys

  3. Marketing Productivity Assessment Attitudes (Jul 16)

  4. Multi-Touch Attribution Marketer Survey (Oct 16)

  5. Multi-Touch Attribution Marketer Survey (Apr 17)

  6. MMA MTA DataMap

  7. MTA Data Strategy Guide

  8. Four Part MTA Webinar Series (​

We have a robust agenda heading into 2018 that will include a strategy for both MTA providers as well as media sellers. To get involved with MATT, email:

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