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Mobile Video Disruption - Are you ready for it?

Webinar: Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm SGT

There is a popular saying in adland - the only thing that works in a video is the skip button.

Today, a marketer has access to many kinds of videos – Facebook Live, YouTube, Vine, Instagram Stories, even TVCs. The key question is: how much of an ad really makes a difference? Are the 3 seconds before the ”Skip ad” even viewed? And if they are, does it grab the user attention afterwards? Once the ad is completed, does it lead the user to other actions like “buy now” or “know more” or “avail a voucher”.

These questions matters to marketers because at the very least, an ad must be viewed to have any impact. It must then grab people’s attention to make a difference for any brand or business. It must be remembered and enjoyed so itcan trigger an action from a viewer. This is even more important at a time when attention spans are short and fragmented and the user is consuming content on the go.

Today’s mobile-first users want to be wowed. They want to be rewarded. They want uninterrupted video experience. And they want this anytime, anywhere.

Social networks are introducing tools that can build 6-sec video ads to provide quick access to the market - but can you really tell a story in such a short duration? Are viewers even spending enough time on social media or are they hungry for content on other apps? What should be the KPIs to measure engagement and interaction? Is there life for video outside of social media?

Indeed, not all videos were created equal. And certainly, not all mobile videos are equal either.

Experts at AdColony will walk you through the changing dynamics of video advertising; the best practices in Asia; how viewability is the key metric of mobile leadership and what does the future hold for mobile video.


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