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dmexco - Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference / September 13-14 , 2017

New alliances, networked worlds, changing perspectives, known challenges and surprising solutions, as well as additional possibilities for digital business...

The 2017 dmexco conference will outline the key trends and issues that will be moving the global digital economy in the next few years. Spread across over 250 hours of programming, more than 570 speakers will present valuable insights, provide food for thought, and encourage creativity and innovation for pure business at dmexco.

The full 2017 dmexco conference program is now available at

Concentrated expertise and big names from the fields of marketing, media and technology await visitors at this year's dmexco conference. True to the conference slogan "Lightening the Age of Transformation", today's most important personalities and brands along with the most exciting newcomer and start-ups of the global digital economy will be presenting key trends and issues, and visualizing the full diversity of current and future digital business.

The world's biggest advertisers, the most influential technology companies, the most exciting publishers and the most innovative agencies will be presenting the most important innovations, strategies and prospects for the coming months in their keynotes. Among others, these include Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Marc Pritchard (Procter & Gamble), Bob Lord (IBM), Bob Greenberg (R/GA), Neil Mohan (Google), Alison Lewis (Johnson & Johnson), Susan Schramm (McDonalds), Tim Kendall (Pinterest), Marc Mathieu (Samsung) and B. Bonin Bough.

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