My Ras Al Khaimah

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My Ras Al Khaimah




  1. Improve brand perception by 10%

  2. Raise quality perception by 20%

  3. Improve brand reputation and trust by 15%

  4. Generate buzz & talkability around Ras Al Khaimah through video views and shares on social media.




We wanted to capture the altruistic nature of its people and Ras Al Khaimah’s rich heritage and history in a memorable documentary format.


But finding these ‘real’ people wasn’t easy. We went to the streets of RAK, met and interviewed people and finally discovered 3 cultural connoisseurs. A chef, Anwar Shamsuddin, who’s invented a hybrid Emirati-Indian cuisine and served generations. A musician, Mohammed Al Yakoobi, who still owns a cassette shop in an era of digital music. An arts curator, Najeeb Al Shamsi, who’s turned his home into a photo museum.


Our short documentary on them was inspired by the Emirate’s ubiquitous rustic texture and look and feel. Additionally, we created 3 smaller ‘snackable’ content pieces that were populated on major social platforms. To elevate the user experience, we created immersive 360 content to give people a taste of the Emirate’s picturesque landscape. 


As the content became popular, we took it beyond social into the offline space. We struck a deal with a local cinema chain to air the content for the movie-going audience. 




  • On Facebook and Instagram

    • Over 1.4 million video views overall

    • Achieved 1.31 million+ video views

    • 10,881 engagements on the posts

    • Achieved 1,434 shares on the 4 videos

  • On Youtube

    • Over 97K views

    • Views delivered at 25% lower Cost per view over benchmarks

    • Average view-through rate was also 27% above benchmarks.


  • General Results: 

    • Buzz : +15%

    • Bank Impression: +18%

    • Quality perception of the bank: +35%

    • Reputation: +26%

    • Recommendation: +38%