Mobile Makes All Stars Shine

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Mobile Makes All Stars Shine


Background Information:


The All-Stars Meal includes three medium pizzas and a large CSD bottle, only available for delivery and takeaway. Originally launched during the World Cup Season, it catered perfectly to gatherings, where one would watch the anticipated matches in a group setting. The deal had performed well, generating increased volume of sales and transactions in UAE.


Due to popular demand, the deal was extended as it offered value to consumers & increased average ticket value on delivery and takeaway orders; killing two birds with one stone!


However, after this peak of the World Cup season, a challenge arose - how could Pizza Hut sustain the “healthy” trend in revenue generated by the All-Stars offer at a time where competitor brands were trying to survive a less profitable summer by launching aggressive value deals, be it in the wider QSR category or the direct competition within the pizza scene.




  1. Drive the online orders of the All-Stars Meal and increase brand lift

  2. Drive brand consideration and conversions




Everyone eats Pizza. However, this offer is tailored to attract group/social orderers. For example, youth looking for value so everyone can have a slice of their favourite pizza while socializing, as well as families gathering with their children for a fun & affordable lunch or dinner. 


One of the core reasons, Mindshare partnered with Exponential on this was campaign was their capability for daily optimization and to optimize on e-Cost per Order. 


Mindshare and Exponential’s game plan was simple, yet robust - focus on engagement driven performance formats and placements, while optimizing geo location targeting. Formats were exploited to garner a deeper brand experience that presented the offer in an engaging and informative way, very different from how other QSR & Pizza brands were communicating their offers, and allowed the brand to extend the experience beyond the ad unit by activating strong call to action buttons enticing users to place an order.


A combination of messaging formats both VDX (Video Driven Experiences) blend and IAB formats with expanding adhesions were used. The ads took the users land directly to the Pizza Hut homepage with the carousel of “All Stars” offer. An inspiring menu of ad formats were deployed, in video, native and mobile expandable to make the “ORDER NOW” easier. 


So far, the technology used for this campaign, is the only one available in market where it is possible to optimize towards e-Cost Per Order and Conversions with the same focus & ensure sufficient scale while maintaining audience relevancy. Pizza Hut’s adoption is a market first for their category, and one which has firmly entrenched its leadership position in market. 




  • 2.3 Million ads were served in total for the campaign in July, August and September including Standard Display, Non- expanding adhesion And VDX Units.

  • A total of 17,225 user engagements on the VDX Units, leading to more than 82K video completions and 10% of the overall assisted conversions came from Exponential directly.

  • Generated more than 63 hours of Active User Attention across all VDX units through Exponential’s network adding significantly to the visibility to the Pizza Hut brand.

  • In a market where every QSR and pizza brand is increasingly offering customers more and more value and promotions are the norm, and often similar, Pizza Hut’s All Stars offer came out a winner.

  • The overall business impact was 14.19% on conversions and uplift of 20% in the category versus previous quarter, which proved extremely successful for the business on an overall basis.  With quarter over quarter orders increasing by 8.5% from this execution.