Huawei Y7 Prime 2018

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Micro Targeting at Scale Brings Mega Results on Mobile!

Micro Targeting at Scale: Micro Targeting Brings Mega Results on Mobile!




  1. Recreating awareness amongst consumers related to Huawei Y7 prime’s key features and specifications to improve Huawei’s share in the entry level market.

  2. Urging consumers to make the switch to a simply better smartphone

  3. Increase the sales three-fold.




To reach out to the target audience in Iraq repeatedly, a 360-degree media strategy was conducted through different channels viz; social media, radio, micro-targeted messaging at scale.


Amongst all media Huawei has a clear tactic in sending Micro Targeted SMS Messages at scale. Using accurate pinpointing of the audience – the brand then recommends an option to people who might be a potential Huawei user. This is actual user reach, which is spectacular in a market without media clarity in digital or offline.


  1. Users fitting our targeting criteria receive an Arabic or Kurdish targeted SMS with Link depending on their preferred language. By clicking on the link, they were led to the respective landing page (Kurdish or Arabic).

  2. There is a button at the top of each landing page to switch languages if the user so desires.

  3. On the landing page the users are able to learn about the handset features /characteristics and watch the Campaign Video:

  4. For further engagement we gave the users the option of also visiting the brand social media pages.


We intentionally sent the targeted SMS with link to people who were using an older version of competitor brand smartphones. Meanwhile, we also tried to convert people who are using feature phones by sending them a simple push SMS. 


They have seen the product communication through other media and now have the communication in their hands on their mobile phone and can access it at any time, so Y7 Prime is literally made ubiquitous.




  • Increasing sales by 400% and making Huawei one of the most popular products in the segment. 

  • Huawei Y7 Prime campaign CTRs exhibited 5X-14X better performance than the industry benchmark of Facebook and Google on total. 

  • The campaign yielded phenomenal CTRs with the average smartphone targeting campaign being 5.8% and the best performing blasts reaching as high as 6.2% for the Arabic and 4.4 for the Kurdish.

  • The conversion rates were also excellent with the average reaching up to 21.7% while the best performing blasts reaching as high as 58.9% for the Arabic and 72.6 for the Kurdish for the product video viewing.

  • From April to June 2018 in Iraq, there was a 51% growth in our market share in the specific price bracket compared to before the product launch; accompanied by a 32% total market share growth.