Egyptian Tourism Authority

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Egyptian Tourism Authority

Background Information:


Due to a series of terrorist attacks, Egypt witnessed decline in tourism in 2016 by more than 42% . However in light of the uplift in tourism in 2017, the advertising & content strategy was making travelers consider Egypt again.

Research proved that mobile has become the “go to” platform when travelers are looking for inspiration to book their next vacation. Today’s travelers are making more on the spot decisions, They access their phones at any point of the day; whether they’re dreaming or deciding to book a holiday.




  1. To own all travel related moments for our potential tourists




When you think of Egypt, one of its main attractions is the sunny weather during winter vs. the cold wet weather in Europe. Therefore, they utilized the programmatic weather trigger technology on mobile by displaying provocative messages that compare our weather in winter vs. the rest of the world’s.


Collaborating with Blis, ETA were able to utilise geofence trigger technology to reach potential travelers while thinking about holidays. They used the technology as a disrupting method when travelers are booking a trip by displaying inspirational scenes of Egypt at the Travel agents’ point of sale.

Research also shows that travelers begin to think of their next trip as soon as they are back from their last one, or during their current vacation. So, they targeted major airports across Italy. The ads showed them the beaches they could be relaxing on generating 4 million impressions!





  • The programmatic weather trigger had a CTR 1.5 X higher than norms, and the geofenced trigger has a CTR 2 X higher.                        

  • The comprehensive advertising campaign has seen inbound travel both countries targeted increase by an average of 60%.