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Background Information:


Maestro a local pizza brand in Saudi was eating up Pizza Hut market share. Even though, Maestro has a smaller network compared to PH’s widespread network, Maestro is reigning the market capitalizing on cut-price pizzas and offers in which the product is tailor-made to appeal to Saudi taste; big, indulgent and loaded. Further more, Maestro has won Saudis heart as Saudi National Football Team’s main sponsor, as in KSA football is considered divine by the whole population. Moreover, Maestro is utilizing hyper-local content in their marcom to reach the right audience. Pizza Hut, is undoubtedly renown as a brand; however, losing the battle in terms of brand affinity and price point of view.


Pizza Hut, in Saudi, PH sales trend was downwards, especially getting the biggest knock-out from takeaway channel. Takeaway channel growth was mapped as the growth driver for this market, and the offer was only availed via carry-out to increase transactions coming from this channel.




  1. Eat from the competition; from Maestro’s share.

  2. Grow by 5% at one year in a takeaway channel




Through pinpointing 184 Pizza Hut restaurants around the Kingdom, they were able to take the battle with Maestro on a store by store level, by geofencing and creating a radius of communication to tap into moments of hunger and talk to potential customers through a mobile first strategy.


As the brand had a large number of restaurants distributed across the kingdom, the launch of the offer was supported by a radio campaign during drive time around lunch and dinner time as an effective channel to remind users about the great offer by Pizza Hut that they can pick up on their way to their destination.


PizzaHut first captured unique mobile IDs of people who had previously visited competitor outlets. Then they personified those mobile ID`s with additional audience data. Then they targeted those mobile IDs with tailor made messaging serving them across all 184 restaurants vicinity.


Our channel selection relied on partners with massive quality, volume and advanced targeting options such as Google, Facebook and Memob in mobile and our proprietary trading desk Xaxis in programmatic display. As the conversion happens in stores, we wanted to steer clear of driving website traffic to keep our website sales conversion healthy instead we prompted users to call the Pizza Hut call center or to visit the nearest restaurant on the customized maps as per users’ current location across all channels with a mobile-only approach. On SEM, mobile only, we targeted competitor search keywords adjacent with proximity indicating words, i.e near, next to me, close… By clicking they can immediately connect to the Pizza Hut call center.




  • B1G2 Free reinforced the perception that Pizza Hut has great value and helped revive the brand’s biggest sales channel in the Kingdom, takeaway

  • 6.9% growth in transactions in the first week of the campaign

  • 25% of people exposed to our campaign showed up at the stores based on our footfall uplift study

  • 42% growth in call center calls

  • In a qualitative and quantitative researches, Buy 1 Get 2 was ranked amongst the top concepts with consumers on value perception, newness and cut- through.