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Closeup Valentine




  1. Building brand love which will eventually, be translated into brand loyalty by offering users extended experiences.




As mentioned, Closeup's target audience is well connected and is into music. So mobile was at the core of their strategy and music was a key insight.

To Closeup & Magna Anghami ticked all the needed boxes that would allow them to be present on the users’ first screens wherein the consumption of content is high given its nature: Music/Audio. The smile recognition feature on Anghami allowed Closeup to introduce a new experience to the Egyptian audience while taking the Valentine experience to a whole new level. 


Mobile phones nowadays, due to their multi-functionalities, have set new trends – such as the “Selfie” trend which helps capturing smile & brings people together.


As smiling goes hand in hand with music, Anghami was Closeup’s partner of choice. Closeup leveraged Anghami’s “Smile recognition” feature to unlock a personalized music experience and set the right mood for Valentine. In app display ads, audio ads, tutorial videos and push notifications were used to invite users to “scan” their smiles to unlock the playlist that fits their mood, inspired by Valentine’s day. If the camera detected one smile, the user would be redirected to a “single and happy” themed playlist. When detecting 2 smiles, users were redirected to a “happily in love” themed playlist. Closeup also promoted the activation on its social media pages to increase campaign awareness and redirect traffic to engage with the activation on Anghami.




  • The campaign resulted in 9,124 smile submissions

  • 4,578 unique users engaged on the Smile Recognition Activation and the tutorial video collected the highest video view rate, that is 14%, equaling 8,632 video views. 

  • It was also liked 281 times, 1.4 more times than any other similar video. 

  • It is worth mentioning here that 28 mins on average were spent on the relevant playlists, comparing to the 15 to 25 mins benchmark. 

  • On social, Closeup's posts reached 39M impression on FB and 1.3M views with an incredible 97% completion rate on Youtube.

  • For Closeup, both volume and value increased by 35% and 56% respectively in February 2018 and 35% and 57% in February and March, comparing to the same periods of 2017. As Closeup’s loyalty volume was lifted by 8% compared to 2017.